Drop Rate

The higher the level of resources the lower the drop rate from monsters. Every 10 levels you will fight a boss that will have more item drops than normal monsters; typically a monster will drop around 400 items and a boss will drop around 480 items.

The probability of a particular item drop is equal to the value in the Drop Rate Column divided by the Sum of all the unlocked drop rates so far. The maximum denominator (at stage 10001) is 334734. For example, at Stage 1, the probability of any single item drop being Wood is equal to 100000/(100000 + 90000 + 80000) = 37%, and at stage 10001 it is 100000/334734 = 29.8%.

At stage 10001, the probability of a Water Droplet dropping is therefore 0.003%, or about 1 time in 33473 drops, which works out to be approximately one Water Droplet per 82 stages. This rate is nearly identical to the rate at stage 1001.


  • Community Name is the name that the community has taken to calling the item, in talk pages, facebook, etc. Many people talk about "Water Droplets" but most people don't use the word "Tears".
  • APK Name is the name in the games APK files internal to the game itself.
Icon Community Name APK Name Available Basic Selling Price Drop Rate
Wood Wood One of the first 3 resources 10 100000
Stone Stone One of the first 3 resources 20 90000
Metal Metal One of the first 3 resources 30 80000
Cloth Silk Stage 51 onwards 40 30000
Blue diamond
Blue Diamond Diamond Stage 101 onwards 80 12000
Bone Bone Stage 151 onwards 120 10000
Green elixir
Green Elixir Blood Stage 201 onwards 240 5000
Blue dragon scale
Blue Dragon Scale Scale Stage 251 onwards 360 3000
Dragon finger
Dragon Nail Teeth Stage 301 onwards 480 2000
Yellow elixir
Yellow Elixir RedBlood Stage 351 onwards 500 1000
Yellow dragon scale
Brown Dragon Scale GoldScale Stage 401 onwards 520 500
Red diamond
Pink Diamond RedDiamond Stage 451 onwards 550 400
Donno haha
Gold GoldBar Stage 501 onwards 600 300
Red dragon scale
Red Dragon Scale RedScale Stage 551 onwards 650 200
Grey block
Grey Block Cube Stage 601 onwards 700 150
Blue bull's eye
Blue Bull's Eye BlueSoul Stage 701 onwards 2,000 100
Red bull's eye
Red Bull's Eye RedSoul Stage 801 onwards 2,500 50
Water Droplet Tears Stage 901 onwards 4,000 10
Crimson Crystal RedTears Stage 1001 onwards 6,000 8
Yellow Crystal GodFlower Stage 2001 onwards 9,000 6
Jade GreenHeart Stage 4001 onwards 13,000 4
Shield RedEye Stage 6001 onwards 18,000 3
Rainbow Crystal Bismuth Stage 8001 onwards 25,000 2
Skull Skull Stage 10001 onwards 30,000 1

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