H - Hero

M - Manager

F- Fairy

Equipment Upgrade

Upon every equipment upgrade, there will be a set of conversation between the knight and his assistant

Equipment Upgrade Conversation


M: The first equipment is completed.

M: How do you like this traditional [Knight] outfit?

H: How dare you call this equipment?

H: Oh my...this noob...

M: ...

Devil Baby


M: Then how about this? [Devil Baby] style!

H: Wow this is totally my style!

H: Too cute! ! !! XoXo

H: ...thought I'd say this? come to the front I'll chop you, too.



M: This.. one.. is a.. R... [Rabbit]...

M: I only have materials for this one...

H: Argh... I guess this works?



M: [Robin Hood] shows up!

H: Who?? [Robin Nude]???

M: (What the heck is in his ears?)



M: Wow~! ! [Rocker! ! !] Oh Yeah !

H: Rock n Roll, baby! !



M: World of Extreme Profession, now you are a [Cook]! !

H: I just found a fresh Material... which is [you] !, Come here!



M: This one is [General]'s suit.


M: This is [Sergeant]'s equipment with my sincerity !!

H: I least.



H: I know this !!! This is an [Indian boy]!

M: you should read more books.

M: [Native American] is the right expression]

H: Oh...My bad....Me no school no good English... :(



M: It disappeared into far away space ~ ~ ~

M: But he is back!! a [Heroman]!

H: I will save the Earth but not you!



M: Oh My!!!!!

H: What? What's the matter???

M: I', sir! I pushed myself too hard...

M: This one is an almost legend...[Lejend...] equipment.

H: Holy...cow !!!!!!

Frozen Fish


M: ...

H: Hurry up!

M: Legend...,f...[frozen fish].

H: I will beat you up till this frozen fish becomes dried fish!!!



M: Muhehe! I have just completed!! This time, it's real!!

M: Equipment of a [Legend] !!

H: Feh! Now you are making something!



M: Well...sir! I know this isn't your style but...

M: the best idea with this material was...

M: [Witch girl]

H: (blush*)

M: This.. guy is dangerous...)



A: [Wookong] shows up! beat them up with the magic stick!!

K: woo~kee- ee~~ee~~ eep eep-~




A: Here is [Poseidon] the water god!

K: You put a weird spell on the equipment last time

A: No way~~~

A: (It wasn't a spell. It was a curse. Hahaha)



A: This one is [Samurai].

K: Hm.. looks strong.



A: This suit is made to wish you heal faster [Patient].

K: Are you sure this heals me at all?

A: .. (He is smarter than i thought.)



A: This's [Slugger]

K: ...It's so buff...I will appreciate for your hard work...



A: [Spaaaaarrrtaaaaa]

K: Ahoo! Ahoo! Ahoo!!



A: This is [Pikaboo] that fits your mental age.

K: Choco Choco little monchiken!!

Kitty cat


A: This is [Kitty cat] that is so popular these days.

K: Oh Kitty cat so cute.

A: (Darn I can't swear because of this game's ratings...)

Cleaning Man


A:  This is another extreme profession. The [Cleaning Man].

K: You should be thankful for everything all the time.



A: This is [Miner]... extreme of the extreme.

K: Woo.. This will be painful...



A: A noble spirit, [Prince].

K: This is the most suitable equipment so far [Prince].

A: What are you saying...

Wong Fei-hung


A: This one is Chinese Martial arts [Wong Fei-Hung].

K: My God! My hair!! When did you shave my hair!!!

Blue Dragon


A: It's not easy to gather Dragon's scales.

A: It's [Blue Dragon] was made with Dragon's scales.

K: Good job!

Degraded Man


A: This matches you! [Degraded Man].

K: Yeah, this one is for the one who worked so hard for this game..



A: Sup Man! [Rapper] yeah~!

K: Show me the money , reward & stones.

Red Dragon


A: This is made out of my sweat [Red Dragon].

K: What did you made this with??? Yuck!



A:Barbarians used these before.

A: Ahah! [Barbarian]!? Sound like i can use Whirlwind.

K: How about Shout instead of Whirlwind...

A: Diablo series is a work of art.

Golden Dragon


A: Tah dah! [ Golden Dragon].
Dark Knight


A: A knight from the darkness, [Dark Knight]

K: Isn't this the same as before except the color???

A: It has a cape now that gives +100 magic power!

K: I don't need that. I am already stronger than anything haha.

A: (I wish i could swear without worrying about the game rating!)



A: This is [Luke] far away in the space!! Bum Bum!! (Sound effects)

K: How about the copyright?

A: It will be okay...I hope...

K: Visit the official cafe to vote, Okay or Not okay.



A: Manners maketh man, [Gentleman].

K: If I save the world...I can do it from the...(blush*)

A: (This guy is so dangerous...)



A: [Archangel] shall be given to you.

K: Hey you! Who are you talking to!

A: Shut up. You just human!



A: [Archdevil]

K: ... ...



A: Now...It's time...

A: to be [Awakened].

Mecha Knight


A: This is [Mecha Knight]. It has the newest technology in it.

K: Wow sounds real...hmm...great...

A: (great!?)

Dark Warrior


M: This is [Dark Warrier] that has a sword.

H: This one is not bad. Good job!

M: (Did.. he just say not bad!? Yes!)

Blue Knight


M: The [Blue Knight].

H: What's flapping on my back?

M: Totally hot looking wings.

H: Will these wings help with my speed?

M: No, they are just wings for decoration.

H: I think your head is also a decoration.


Upon reaching certain stages, there will be a set of conversation between the knight and his assistant

Stage Conversation
82 K: I've received a quest to kill the dragon.

K: Reward for the quest is $10billion and $3mil every year till I die...

A: (Super jealous!)



K: This is where Dragons come out.

K: The sky around the Dragon is always on fire.



A: Oh? This is only an egg.

K: It's easier to catch when it's smaller

110 A: This boss mob looks strange

K: Yeah it is normally 1:1

140 A: Is the boss monster female figure?

K: Yeah, that's what i heard.

A: and human females... its hard to tell whether they are female.

K: usually you cant tell their gender without their character description

A: Sob*

K: Sob....

191 K: Previosuly on Hero's Manager...

K: The mighty Hero and its Manager tried to kill the dragon egg.

K: But they failed to do so completely

K: And now they must face the hatching dragon.

A: Ba Bam!



K:Is the sky red from the sunset or the Dragon's fire?

K: Ah I can feel the darkness! ! Ghrrrrrr~

A: (Oh my..This psycho...)

A: Sir, we can only see its tail.

K: will cut it off ! !



A: This Boss is really different from humans.

K: Especially with its my

A: its ass...yoohoo ~



A: Previously on Hero's Manager...

A: The Mighty Hero and its Manager,

A: even with the world's best help from the Manager,

A: fai;s to kill the hatching dragon.

K: Hey you! Are you XXXXXXX kidding me???



K: Finally, its head is out!

K: I will chop it off this time for justice(money)!!!

A: No!!!

K: !???? ! !???

A: How can you do that to such a cute little face like this?

K: Shut Up! Everything I do is for justice(money)!

A: You devil !

500 K: lollypop full of evil energy...

A: Yeah that looks very sweet

K: Will it cry if i take it away?

A: Definetely. (Definitely)



H: I see the end finally...


H: It's over!!! come to papa!!!


H: Are you the Steel-plated Boss?

M: I think it is. It looks Super strong!

H: Heh! It's a piece of cake for me.

M: (Too much...just too much....)



H: What the f*** is this $@%$*@#^!!!!

M: Hmmt? What were you expecting?

H: Darn..., developer!!! You are my next mission!!!

Fairy catch

After defeating each boss (other than dragon boss), you would catch the fairy, and there will be a short "conversation" between the assistant and the fairy

Scenario Conversation
A F: Thank you. I should go.

F: Being caught again??

B F: Yeah! I am free.

A: Buuurp ! !

C F: Thank you for saving me

F: What the hell are you! ! !

D F: Yeah! I am free.

F: Am I going to be fed?

E F: Thank you, my hero

A: Buuurp ! !

F F: Thank you for saving me.

F: Being Caught again??

G F: Hooray!~

F: Am I going to be fed?

H F:It's now possible to go home!!

F: Am I going to be fed?


At some other conditions, there will be a set of conversation between the knight and his assistant

Situation Conversation
Bag Full (A) A: Sir! the bag is full...

K: Is this your best?

A: I'll be back soon after empty this.

Bag Full (B) K: Isn't your bag full?

A: Yes, sir...

K: Do you know why Iam doing this?

A: Fo...r ...justice maybe?

K: For money.

K: Why would I get monster if the bag is full?

K: There will be nothing even after i kill it.

A: (I cant stop respecting on this trash...)

Appear once

First time enter Boss Battlezone.

K: ^%#& I told you not to press it! Did you press it?

A: I was too curios... I had to... sob*

K: Well...You already pressed it so... This is the Boss Battlezone.

K: If you kill a Boss monster, you will get a [Boss Ticket].

A: Will I be able to buy clothes with that!?

K: That's right. You can buy clothes! It's useless for me...

A: You never know! Maybe you can buy something useful later...